Most of us are on the way back

Right now all of the team except Stephanie is sitting here in the Frankfurt, Germany airport. it was really hard saying “See you later” to our contact and their family. there simply was no good bye because we know one day we will all meet again.
The last couple of days in Kathmandu, or team taught some English and other subjects at two different schools. it opens many opportunities for God to shine through us. Stephanie stayed and is continuing to teach English classes at some of the schools in Kathmandu accompanied by another team from California.
We were all sad to leave but yet very anxious to be home and to see our families and tell them of all of our experiences. God has worked several ways throughout all of our lives this trip and we are anxious to see what is still in store.
As our trip comes to an end for most of us, we can not thank every one enough for all of the prayers and support you all have given us. I pray God continues to work through Stephanie and the other team as God will be brought in to many more lives in Nepal.

Thanks again and God bless.

Ian, Tyson, Richelle, Katy, Katrina, and Stephanie

With a few scratches, bruises and leech bites we made it back to Kathmandu.  The trekking took it’s toll on most everyone but we are all still in high spirits and recovering physically.  Thanks be to the Lord who constantly reminded us and myself that He made us stronger than we think we are.  

We made some great friends along the way and were able to encourage some fellow brothers and sisters and speak to some other people from India through a game of ultimate frisbee on a basketball court.  Our guides and porters are some amazing people and it was a blessing trekking the whole way with them and getting to know them along with learning some Nepali talking back and forth with them.  We shared a lot of laughs and it was hard watching them go but we know that we have a place in their hearts and they have also have one in ours.

We spent a day and a half at Baghmara Wildlife Resort.  The whole place sort of reminded us of the first Jurassic Park movie, which was pretty cool.  We rode in a canoe in crocodile infested waters and then we walked through some jungle seeing some deer, monkeys and rhinoceros footprints but no rhino’s.  We then went to the elephant breeding center and after that we managed to spot a rhino front afar.  After lunch we hopped on some Elephants and took a ride, seeing some other animals, like a wild boar and some regular deer and a snake as well.  We finished the day with some swimming and some napping and then some good supper.

Today we are resting in Kathmandu and will be going to help out in a school all day tomorrow(Monday).  We are very excited for that and then on Tuesday we will do a few things and then ready up for some flying.

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to send them up for Nepal.  Love Tyson, Ian, Richelle, Katy, Katrina and Stephanie.

And it begins..

We are getting ready to leave for a week long trek. We will be driving for a day then hiking for four days. We will not have services for the week so this is or good-byes. After we are going on a two day safari. We will be able to see animals, ride elephants, and canoe. It is going to be a great time!

We will blog when we get back on Sunday, Saturday US time. We are all having a blast! Katrina says she is not dead. :)

Miss everyone!

Richelle Tyson Katrina Ian Stephanie and Katy!

We made it!!

This is Richelle and as you can see we made it to Nepal! It was a long journey but well worth it. We arrived this morning with no delays and all of our luggage making it with us! We took a tour around the town a little bit and got all of our paper work done early this morning. We had an opportunity to go to a youth group this after noon. Stephanie and myself were able to share our testimony’s while Tyson shared a story out of the book of Mark.

Since Nepal works Sunday - Friday, there day off is Saturday so tomorrow morning we will be going to church and performing our first drama. I don’t know what else is in store for tomorrow but I do know that we will start our drive on Sunday to get to the start of our trekking. We were told that we will hike for 5 days so we will not be able to post those days but we will try to keep everyone updated before and after our trek.

It is amazing here in Nepal! Absolutely beautiful! However home is missed. We are just starting an exciting 2 weeks and we all cant wait to share our stories with you all when we get back to the states. Mom please share this with AH.

Love and miss you all!

God is doing work here in Nepal